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Top 5 reasons for hiring a professional photographer:

“Why should I hire a professional photographer?” It’s a question many people ask. Whether your hesitation is because of the perceived cost, because you already own a good camera, or for another reason altogether, consider the following reasons you SHOULD invest in a professional photographer.

1. You need to remember that you’re investing in a memory. It isn’t just a picture or a snapshot. It’s the toothless smile, the chubby cheeks, the rolls on rolls of baby fat, and the skepticism of that first bite of cake. And then the pure joy that came with every other bite. Sure, you might think you’ll never forget, but wouldn’t you rather be sure you’ll remember?

2. You’re paying for the know-how. I promise you, a good photograph is about more than just the camera. Photography is an art. And a skill. One that is learned, developed, and fine-tuned.

3. We live in the world of iPhones, instagram, and photo filters. And those are great. But they aren’t the same as getting the expertise of a photographer who knows how to professionally retouch your photographs to enhance the color, light, and detail, providing you with works of art rather than snapshots.

4. You’ll get a quality product. There are so many products out there, and so many places to get prints. But a professional photographer has access to products that a consumer doesn’t. They can provide you with the highest quality prints, wraps, and canvases that will last you a lifetime. And, best of all, you won’t have to worry about how to get all those images off your phone.

5. You’ll be in the picture! It seems obvious, but if you’re always behind the camera, you’re never in the frame. Which means that you are missing from all of the memories of you and your family and loved ones. And who wants that? The memories you make are priceless. You should treat them as such.


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